Spike the Dhog

Some Well Fed Barncats

Spike the Dhog Has a

Decides that Girls are O.K.

Spike the Dhog Meets

a Glimpse of a Trout


Spike the Dhog

Spike the Dhog Comes

Face to Face with a Magpie

Chat with some Prairie Dogs

Spike the Dhog Catches


Bumper Crop

The Music Lesson

Man on the Moon

Mama's Cat Collection

Red Velvet


Mexican Marketplace

Spike the Dhog

a Painted Turtle

Comes Nose to Nose with

Spike the Dhog is Awestruck

by a Mother Bear

Hogan at Ghost Ranch

Adobe at Ghost Ranch

Sometimes I simply must do a piece of art that is inspired purely by my imagination.
I love to portray the private little corners of life...the people who
inhabit them are often absent, leaving the surroundings to tell their story.

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Watching the Wildlife

I am currently exploring the effects I can achieve by painting two separate watercolor paintings, scanning both of them into my computer, and then overlaying one painting over the other.  Next, I use Adobe Photoshop to fade the top layer, giving the impression that an object is disappearing.  This technique has enabled me to express my vision of history, and things that once were.

Dust to Dust:  Sand Dunes

Dust to Dust: 
Pawnee Grasslands

"Old Marshall"

"Spirits of the Ancestors"

"Love Warms Even the
Coldest Day"

"The Spirit of Ghost Ranch"

Inspirational photograph courtesy
of Christopher Springmann.

"The Circle of Life"

"Spike the Dhog" is in print!

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Co-authored with my mother, Priscilla Gifford, this light-hearted story will carry readers on a journey that is both adventurous and difficult.  With his expressive, pink eyes and spiky hedgehog hair, Spike is such an endearing character we can't help cheering when he finally finds a loving home.  The story is filled with pictures that children will pore over again and again.  It celebrates diversity and acceptance while never losing a sense of sheer joy and fun.

"Settler's Park ~ Boulder, Colorado"