I find it a joy to
teach art to others!

On the Younger Side:
A Picture Gallery from Our Local Schools

Anne Gifford

Pioneer Elementary School

A team of fifth grade muralists pose in
front of a job well done.

Majestic Heights Elementary School

Each student, grades K-5, painted a square on the banner depicting their favorite memory of Majestic Heights.

One of three completed 30 foot long banners that hung in the hallways
before being cut up and mounted
as individual art pieces.

Each student took home his or her own banner. Days later, as a result of school consolidations, Majestic Heights closed its doors forever after over 40 years of service as a beloved neighborhood school.

This was a particulary poignant project for all; as the banner was cut
up and dispersed,
so the students were scattered.

Heatherwood Elementary School

Painting an 11' x 12' "Ball Wall". Heatherwood's art teacher, Anna, is on the left. I'm the other big kid with the hat on.

The completed "Ball Wall"

With the help of some great student painters and an invaluable parent, we got the job done in one day.

Douglass Elementary School

A "Sea World" mural on the cafeteria wall, 9' x 25'

I have worked with the following Boulder Valley Schools:

- Whittier Elemetary
- Crestview Elementary
- Douglass Elementary
- Columbine Elementary
- Heatherwood Elementary
- Creekside Elementary
- Majestic Heights Elementary
- Pioneer Elementary
- Angevine Middle School

In the past, I have enjoyed working with children, and for the last 15 years I have had the opportunity to teach seniors (of which I am one!).
With their combination of wisdom and talent, I find that I learn as much from my students at the East Boulder Senior Center as they do from me.

The watercolor class at the Meridian Retirement Community, Boulder, Colorado.

Please contact Anne for a current
watercolor class schedule. Interemediate level
classes are taught at the East Boulder
Senior Center, Boulder, Colorado.

I hope that I have enriched their lives through color, paint, and encouragement as much as they have contributed to our collective watercolor world with their enthusiastic response.