I am able to create, in my studio, my own limited edition giclee (pronounced jee-clay) prints from my original watercolor paintings.  I use a high resolution Epson printer that enables me to print on oversize (17" x 22") archival quality paper with inks that will remain colorfast for 100 years.

The new giclee prints have proven to be a wonderful tool for artists, enabling
them to make beautiful, high quality reproductions of their art work. The
French word "giclee" means "to spray", and is a literal description of the process by which giclee prints are produced. The ink jets on the printer
disperse thousands upon thousands of ink droplets onto the paper,
accurately recreating all of the nuances of the original piece.

After scanning my art into my computer, I meticulously examine and adjust the results, making sure that every aspect of the print meets my satisfaction
before signing and numbering a limited edition.


Anne Gifford