2008  Denver International Airport Juried Exhibition "See the West Like a Local",
          Denver, CO



1971-1973, Syracuse University

1974-1975, State University of New York at Geneseo: B.F.A. magna cum laude 1975


Born in Rhinebeck, NY



Runner's World Magazine national poster contest

2000 and 1998 posters received "Cream of the Crop" Awards

1988 poster received "Best of Boulder" award for graphics

Some posters still available. Contact the artist for details.

2000- 2015   Open Studios Juried Art Event, Boulder, CO

Artist's Statement

I have been creating art of some kind since childhood.

After silkscreen printing extensively for 25 years, I am now
concentrating mainly on watercolor painting. In addition, I have 
been experimenting with computer generated imagery using the same techniques that I worked with when doing my silkscreen prints (minus the harsh chemicals). The end effect is very similar to the serigraphs, but with much more detail.

I get a great deal of inspiration from walking and hiking,
and I always am on the lookout for new imagery.
When I create a landscape, sometimes I feel as though I am
recording the natural beauty surrounding us today for future generations who may not have the opportunity
to enjoy it in person. I hope this will not be the case.

When not painting landscapes, I turn to creating whimsical
images of various scenes from my imagination. These can range
from portraying the quiet corners of people's lives to cartoon
like characters who have resided in my mind for a long time.

I love doing both the landscape and the whimsey.
I aim to make those that see my art experience the
happiness I felt as I created it.


2002   Milash Award Finalist, The Arts and Humanities Assembly
           of Boulder County, Boulder, CO

1980-2015  Boulder Arts and Crafts Cooperative, owner member and  exhibitor




2007- 2008 Foothills Art Gallery, Juried Holiday Art Exhibit, Golden, CO

2008   "Spirit of Chautauqua" Boulder Art Association Juried Show
           Honorable Mention for watercolor, "Plum Blossoms"


2009-2012   Louisville Art Association Juried Fine Art   Show
2014            Louisville, CO

2010   "Color-Ado"  Boulder Art Association Juried 
             Show, Boulder, CO   
2010   Featured Artist with special showings at:
           St. John's Episcopal Church, Boulder, CO
           Creative Framing Gallery, Louisville, CO
           First Congregational Church, Boulder, CO
           Golden West Gallery, Boulder, CO

Winner of the
Boulder County Commissioners
150th Anniversary Purchase Award
2011 Inaugural Plein Air Art Exhibit

2011    Inaugural Plein Air Art Exhibit of Boulder County
            Boulder County Commissioners 150th Anniversary Purchase Award
2011    Voices VI:  Perspectives of the Artistic Soul
            City of Boulder's Joint Youth-Adult Juried Exhibition
2012    Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Juried Exhibition
            Foothills Art Center, Golden, CO

2012     Boulder County Artist-in-Residence Program
             Selected as one of five artists to be offered a residence at 
             Caribou Ranch Open Space    

Boulder County Parks and Recreation
40th Anniversary Winner

2014   NCAR "Fresh A.I.R." Juried Exhibition 
          Boulder, CO 
2013     Boulder Art Association and Dairy Center for the Arts Juried Exhibition          
            Honorable Mention for watercolor,  "Inside My Cabin at Caribou Ranch"
2015   "After the Rain at Stearns Lake"
          Boulder County Parks and Open Space 40th Anniversary Winner

First Place Winner
Environmental Protection Agency
 Region 8, Denver, Colorado

2015     Boulder Art Association Juried Exhibition
            Honorable Mention for watercolor"Rainy Day at the Farm"